Strategy & Consulting

  • Internal Communication assessment and planning
    • We conduct communication audits to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your internal communication programs. We help you create a plan to connect communication activity to business results and customer experience
  • Change Management support
    • We work with you to help your employees smoothly navigate transformational change including mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, divestitures, technology and new process adoption
  • Employee Engagement strategy
    • We evaluate your employee engagement system to identify gaps and opportunities to enhance performance, participation, promotion and pride.
  • Brand strategy and delivery
    • We believe your brand is more than your logo and visual identify. We fill in the gaps beyond creative design that lead to a strong brand identity. Research and strategy pre-design and adoption and maintenance after launch. We work with your organization and design teams to ensure you have a brand that sticks.

Training & Coaching

  • The Employee Engagement Solution
    • Employee Engagement is more than just an event or program, it’s a system and culture. During this one-day workshop, we help your Leadership, HR and Communication teams create objectives to enhance employee performance, participation, promotion and pride. We will also introduce you to what’s needed for successful engagement and help you evaluate what is working and needs improvement in your own engagement system.
  • Strategic Internal Communication Bootcamp
    • Strategic Internal Communications helps you connect your communication plan with business performance and earn your seat at the decision-making table. This one-day workshop will help you move from a tactical communicator who implements programs to a communication strategist who uses the power of communication to impact business results.
  • Writing for Results
    • Let’s learn to write effectively and purposefully with an end-goal in mind. This program has been delivered as a Lunch&Learn and can become a half-day interactive workshop. Leaders without formal communication training learn how to use writing to ensure their recipients understand their intended message and respond appropriately.
  • Meetings that Matter
    • Many of us feel we waste a lot of time in meetings, but realize that meetings are needed in order to drive program forward and collaborate with others. This program can be run as a Lunch&Learn or become an interactive workshop to help employees learn the basics of running an effective meeting.
  • Helping Managers Connect through Communication
    • Many studies tell us that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Managers usually get promoted because of the business and operational skills, not because of their management skills. A key management skill is the ability to communicate to teams effectively to both provide direction and to build the relationships needed to succeed. This half-day or full-day workshop takes people managers through their role in ensuring regular contact, getting the right content and creating trusted context in order to drive results. We recommend that this program is also supplemented with a program for HR and Communication leaders to build consistent content managers will use.
  • Communication that Counts – Strategic Workforce Communication in Times of Change
    • As part of Challenge Factory’s Centre for Career Innovation, Inner Strength provides non-communications professionals with the background and basics needed to establish communications best practices as part of any workforce initiative. Time and time again, great initiatives are derailed by ineffective communication, causing innovative organizations to retreat and react, instead of pushing forward with ambitious goals. Attention HR professionals, this course has been pre-approved for HRPA Continuing Professional Development.

Technology & Tools

  • Technology implementation support
    • We help communicate change in order to help your employees adopt new technologies and upgraded systems. Did you know that 60% of technology projects fail? We help with audits in the design phase, stakeholder relations, launch and adoption.
  • Communication technology recommendations
    • As early adopters of technologies that can enhance your communication and engagement efforts, we search the world for new technologies that can help you hire for cultural fit; measure and enable engagement; encourage and elevate recognition; identify key influencers and accelerate ideas.